Pentagram’s branding work for a pet charity is delightful!

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Pentagram recently did a full rebrand for a UK charity, Battersea. Rebrands and new logos are done everyday, but I found this one to be really special and whimsical.

First, they were not ‘afraid’ to use a watercolour look. This style was all the rage in late 2016 and early 2017, and pundits deemed it as a fad. That may be the case, but I think it’s great looking style and that no one should shun a certain look just because it’s considered a fad. Having Pentagram to endorse this style gives it a lot of staying power in my opinion.

The second thing that I loved is how well the logo holds in difficult situations. Normally a logo relying in special effects, such as transparency, or in this case a watercolour effect, will be hard to understand and recognize if it’s reduced to just an engraving for example. But in their page you can find an image showing the logo in this exact situation and it holds really well!

All in all this project is brilliant and a testimony of why Pentagram are one of the best design agencies in the world. You can have a look at it you jump over to their site.

Affinity Publisher is coming this summer!

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Affinity has just published this afternoon a sneak peak of their DTP application, Affinity Publisher. This has been a long time coming, and it’s a corner stone for their design suite. They say the beta is coming this summer, so a full release is probably another year away… still better late than never!
Below is their video, have fun! 🙂