Blue Blocking Eye Ware

Cardboard packaging design for UV light blocking glasses. This product aims to protect its users from blue light emitted by all sorts of modern devices and lighting, which impair the body’s internal melatonin production and cause sleep cycle disruptions.

This product is all about protecting sleep through restauration of natural night ambience, as such having a star field background throughout the whole of the packaging is the best and most direct way to communicate this message.

The primary display panel shows a close shot of the product, with emphasis on the orange lenses which are key to its functionality. The product name formatting highlights its main characteristic, blue light blocking, through use of large type and accent colour highlight.

Since this is an issue with a complex cause two other panels go into great detail explaining the problems blue light causes, and how this product will help solve them.

Client: Spectra479
Product: Blue Blocking Nighttime Eye Wear
Date: October 16th, 2017